Praise for Camp Crop
"Good Morning, I am moving slowly this morning couldn't sleep last night, still thinking about my fabulous weekend... I want you to know that the Lake Nacimiento house was way above my expectations. Your pictures you sent were great, but when you get inside the house it really speaks for itself. From the view to the matching beds in each room, the very comfy and beautiful chairs the convenience of the upstairs bathroom to the cute sayings on the walls. And might I add, the awesome scrap area with those lights, they were fabulous. Really Jacque, I hope I stressed to you how great it was, and I was very proud to bring my friends up and bummed for my friends that didn't get to come. Although they would have been happy with Goodwill furniture and a place to crop, this was first class. The house is great, we had so much fun. The rooms were well thought out and everything in its place to just come and enjoy. Every lady mentioned they wanted to come again, and mentioned it more than once. The house gave us all great energy and many beautiful pages can't wait to share them with you. We all look forward to the next Camp Crop."
"Wow, we had a MARVELOUS time! We loved the (Lake Nacimiento) house! It was so beautiful there. I'm supposed to ask you what we have to do to reserve it again. Every one of us loved the house and said over and over again what a perfect setup it was. We can't thank you enough for allowing us this opportunity."
"We just had the most fun and relaxing vacation at your beautiful home! It was like a home away from home but a lot quieter! The weather was perfect, too. You all are so generous to allow our imposing upon your sanctuary, but please know the pleasure it provided many overworked people! Thank you, thank you again for sharing your wonderful Lake Nacimiento castle!"
"Well we are home safe and sound and wanted to let you know. We had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves. My sister-in-law already wants to plan another trip. We loved the color printer. What a hit, we were using that a ton. Thanks again for letting us go to Camp Crop."